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South Pacific Form Seven Certificate (SPFSC)

The SPFSC was established in 2014 to replace the New Zealand University Bursaries Examinations in the Pacific Island Countries (PICs). It has met Pacific Island Countries needs for facilitating country selection of their candidates from end of secondary into further educational opportunities; and certifying the completion of secondary education.

A regional form seven qualification administered since 2004. Students generally take the qualification at the end of Form 7 (Year 13) although some may be able to take some subjects at the end of Form 6.

The qualification serves a number of purposes:

  • certification at end of secondary (secondary leaving certificate)
  • entry qualification to university and other tertiary institutions
  • use by employers for employment selection.

The main objective of the SPFSC is for the region to have a qualification that is regionally and internationally recognised and accepted, and more importantly one that is appropriate for the students of the region.

Information available on SPFSC:-

Quals Update


Internal Assessmnet

January - 2015


SPFSC Due Dates-2015

February - 2015


IA & Moderation Procedures - 2015

March - 2015


Verification Manual-2015

April - 2015



May - 2015



June - 2015



July - 2015










Maths Calculus



Maths Statistics






Tourism & Hospitality


EQAP also provides support to member countries on national examination paper development and production.  Support is provided in the following areas:

  1. Training of examiners and moderators
  2. Writing of examination papers
  3. Moderating of examination papers
  4. Printing and shipping of examination papers


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